>Pittsburgh OPC Rebuilding

>This morning I had the privilege of filling the pulpit for a sweet group of people on the east side of Pittsburgh, PA. They are an old, new group who are rebuilding its seventy-year presence in the Wilkinsburg area with a Bible study and Sunday morning worship. If you know of anyone on the east side looking for biblical, reformed worship, and would be interested in an OPC mission work, please contact Rev. Larry Oldaker at oldaker.1@opc.org.

My sermon, “The LORD’s Presence and his Word,” came from Leviticus 1.1-2 and John 1.14-18. Many have recognized that the ritual law in Leviticus is an anticipation of the work of Christ, but Christ is revealed in the beginning of Leviticus before the ritual law is even prescribed!

Leviticus 1.1 provides a beautiful picture of the necessity of God’s self-revelation for his people’s atonement and acceptance. And not only is the content of God’s self-revelation necessary and important, but so also is the mode of his self-revelation.

In Leviticus 1.1, the reader finds God dwelling with his people with his glory veiled behind layers of animal skins in the tent of meeting. By dwelling in a tent like his people, we see God in a state of humiliation and identification with his people. And he doesn’t speak directly to his people, but through the mediation of his prophet Moses.

God dwelling in skin, in a state of humiliation and identification with his people, speaking his word through the mediation of human speech and a human mouth . . . hmmm . . . sound familiar?

You can read the sermon to get the full story.


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