>Introducing "Life in Christ," Another Pilgrim Blog

>My good friend Mark Garcia has finally started to blog! Mark is the minister at Immanuel OPC in Moon Township, PA. Mark is a gifted exegete, biblcial-theologian, communicator and minister of the gospel. His blog, Life in Christ, is dedicated to the “sights and sounds of a pilgrim life.” The title of the blog illustrates Mark’s perspective of the Christian life as a life lived out in union with Christ, so that the gospel not only “saves” a sinner, but also shapes and directs the ongoing life of the saint. This robust understanding and commitment to the necessity and sufficiency of the gospel is illustrated in a recent post:

The reach of the Fall is wide and painfully deep, and the face of Sin is not one to be smirked at, made light of, dismissed. Appearances notwithstanding, hungry evil does not nibble; it devours and savors every bloody morsel of its conquest. The Gospel, then, must reach as far as that. If the “good news” is a mere peddling of superficial goods – a better name, better sleep, better wife and kids, better anything – then that is good news only to those untouched by horror. If it is not good news to those caught in the jagged teeth of Evil’s extremities, then it is not good news. Yet here is something of the glory of the true Gospel. Only at the extremities of evil do we begin, and yet only begin, to peer into the depths of the love of the One who “descended into Hell.” At the edge of that abyss, that which at first makes us recoil ultimately offers the only true rest from an often nightmarish existence.

No matter the extremity and extent of the evil that is present in this fallen generation, there is no evil and, therefore, no sinner that is beyond the reach of the Christ of the biblical gospel. Mark is only getting started so check out his other posts at “Life in Christ.” You can also hear some of Mark’s sermons here (especially the series on Deuteronomy!).


>Blogging in the name of the Lord: Justin Taylor

>One of the blogs I receive in my Google Reader daily is Justin Taylor’s blog at Between Two Worlds. Reading his blog helps me keep up with what is going on out there in the Evangelical world. He was recently interviewed by Guy Davies at Exiled Preacher and can be read here.

And kudos to my friend James Grant who was listed on Justin’s top 15 theological/ministry blogs.

[HT: James Grant]