The Temptation of Professorial Ministry

This past Sunday morning during Sunday School, we spent time talking about the sermon text Romans 8:31-39. In the sermon I had talked about God’s commitment to conforming us to the image of Jesus Christ and the security that commitment gives us to follow our Savior. It is a security grounded in a divine marriage that we have with a loving husband who has given himself for us – and therefore – will not let us go. This love grants us the courage and freedom to give ourselves away to him, or as Isaac Watts has said,

Were the whole realm of nature mine,
That were a present far too small;
Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.

The goal of ministry is for the pastor to believe this, and practice this, in order to help others embrace and practice it, as well. However, how do you embrace such an urgent message, let alone lead others to embrace it when things just don’t seem that urgent to us? Continue reading


Dinesh D’Souza and Corinthian Christianity

Carl Trueman with a needed perspective concerning the Dinesh D’Souza (see here, here, and here) situation in specific, and the whole culture of celebrity christianity (yes, I left the “c” in lower case on purpose) in general. I have seen many posts on this situation, and it has saddened me to see so many Christians focusing on the political nature of the tragedy and the moral imperative for each of us to do our own house-cleaning – Trueman zero’s in on a deeper sin that this situation has revealed.

I have not spoken on the subject because I purposely stay away from political issues – but it doesn’t matter that I have not addressed it, for Jesus already has:

If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it. For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? ~ Mark 8:34-36